The Sixth Letter is a product of a compulsion to create.

In its early form, lead singer Marx Morta would piece beats together on any equipment he could get his hands on.

Whether that was a sampler with about 30mb of memory bounced onto a cassette - to dated old computers from his first job in an office. Music had to be made by any means necessary. 

Marx’s love for hip-hop and breaks led to a foray into djing, and while preparing sets he would include some tracks of his own.

The crowds didn’t realise that the music he was playing was his and were loving it, and that energy spurred a new

focus & belief.

After spending the majority of time making music by himself and as tastes and preferences ebbed and flowed - so did the production and song writing. Plays on BBC Radio 1 by the likes of legendary DJ's Steve Lamacq and John Peel quickly followed. A need to collaborate was felt, and band was what was required. The songs took a different shape once they were played by individuals, and re interpreted. This was exciting. 


Hip-hop’s influence is never far away in TSL’s song writing, with rap verses and bridges blending effortlessly into melodic choruses.

The band’s sound could easily be attributed to the nu metal era, something that Morta would agree with:

‘I always loved how bands can cross influences over - and blend the things that they wear on their sleeve unashamedly. That’s definitely what we do’.


While nu metal can be tagged on to The Sixth Letter’s style, it’s the more creative end of the spectrum

that they’re akin to - bands such as Snot, Incubus & Deftones have made a big impression on the band.

That and punk / rock with band members (former and current) having spent many a week in a van touring in bands of that genre. Its that 'DIY' ethic that started everything - and it has come full circle into 2021.


After some challenging times The Sixth Letter have a renewed focus, energy & desire to take on the world, one venue at a time.