• Richard Davis

The Sixth Letter : Don't Give Up [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The Sixth Letter's music video for 'Don't Give Up' now available on all streaming services.


When I take a look at the way that I’ve dealt with pain,

instead of breaking for the sake of it stayed;

when I favoured giving up and parking up across the train tracks

I prayed that, I’d stop hating myself for what my brain lacked.

Purpose. Purposefully pained I write to stay alive

explaining to myself I ain’t gotta to justify my way of life.

Instead of walking on a path where what I need is cash

I’m forging one of savouring the feeling when your dreams match,

how you live, balancing the lot with what you have to give

chancing that you lost it all to off the cost of banking with,

what you kinda always knew was danger in disguise,

failure might make another break and take its own life.

How dare you give up so easily ?

Why would you do that ?

Why would you not put all your weight on me.

So what you gonna do?

Take a brick to the only lamp that lights the way through?


Strike a match asking for the moment to last,

but when an answer back is lost in the string between the cans.

It’s surprising how feelings you don’t know how to deal with

relate to how the truth is something you were concealing.

For real it’s incredible this journey we take;

you think you’re peaking early nervous that the ceiling will break.

Now. Sitting here monochrome, home is what was swallowed whole,

worried you ain’t paying what you borrowed now you gotta go.

Hollow and you’re looking down thinking everybody knows,

sink it in deeper; you’re a keeper. Stop at nothing yo.

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