• Richard Davis

The Sixth Letter: Paraffin

The Sixth Letter's track 'Paraffin' now available on all streaming services.


With words so sharp I want to cut you down.

But it hurts so bad that I burn to ground.

If I feel like my future isn’t bright enough, I pick a bridge then I light it up.

Flick a little spark at the twine and yo, walk out like hey, my time to go.

A silhouette out front of a cloud of smoke,

I’m so dope, no time to choke.

Who will we be if we hold back.

We are the truth yeah.

We are the new black.

Projecting a scene like and actor in keeping

with spilling my guts on the 8millimetre

The over exposure.

The knowing it’s closer to ruining film, in a way it’s like closure.

I ain’t playing it’s time to adjust, I try to be blunt with a knife like line,

just don’t cry when life a ‘C-word’.

It’s alright. I’ve heard you’ll see worse.

Who will we be if hold back.

Free to be easily fooled by them.

Only do what we’re supposed to.

So find a window to throw hope through.

We are the new black.

Who will be be if hold back.

We are the truth yeah.

We are the new black.

It’s the submissive wishes switching with this new improved bitchy position.

Situ is sticky with a pull of pistols in commission.

Blister my hands digging the graves of all of you in this vision.

Determining a turning worm before the key incision.

Expect to dial in respect but it ain’t made to measure.

I guess it’s obvious who’s bossing it I’ll save the lecture.

Swimming in glycerine and grinning in the image,

with the leanings of a libertine we kill from the beginning.

So douse me in paraffin.

Set me alight.

I’ll lose everything

And walk out alive.

So douse me in paraffin.

Set me alight.

Without you I’m everything.

It’s ending tonight.

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